Best Apps For Your Windows 8


It’s time to leave your old desktop programs behind, and to get in touch with some useful no-cost apps made for Microsoft’s Modern interface.I listed some of the best apps for your Windows 8 PC. Image Credit: Flickr                                     […]

Get Monthly Account Activity Reports From Google


Google Account Activity Reports give you a monthly summary of all of your account activity across many Google services. With these Account Activity Reports you can learn what’s going on in your account – such as how many emails you have sent and received, how often you have searched on Google, from which countries and […]

Save your money by Using Google Offers


Google Offers is designed to open your eyes to some of the discounts that retailers offer from time to time and it is a service that is growing very quickly. If you are in possession of a Google account, you will have a dedicated Offers page where you can save each offer you see, and […]

Get Your Android Phone Notifications in Your Desktop


Image Source-Flickr If you’re finding yourself getting distracted by your phone at work then check out the Chrome Desktop Notifications extension.Sync your Android device’s notifications with your Chrome web browser with this Chrome extension and Android app. So whenever you receive a notification for a missed called etc on your Android device, it’ll be forwarded […]

Access Your Computer Anywhere Using Google Chrome


Google created the Drive online storage service to benefit users who wanted to access their files from various computers instantly. The cloud service for Drive is fantastic, and the web apps which allow you to run certain files from it make accessing your files from anywhere simple. As organised as you can be with Drive, […]

Best Google Glass Apps


Lets take a look at some of the best apps available for Google Glass1)Google Now   Google Now is built into Glass, making the information collated by the ground-breaking service truly glanceable. Viewing Google Now cards is achieved by waking Glass (with a touch or by raising your head) followed by sweeping to the left in the […]

Amazing apps for Mac


I listed some of the lesser-known but still absolutely brilliant apps that will make using your Mac even more better.1)Flare  There are tons of photographic filters in iPhoto, but Flare goes above and beyond. If you just want a quick fix, dozens of great-looking presets are available, but use Flare’s Edit section and an effect’s […]

Best Apps For Customizing Your Mac


If you don’t like your normal look in your Mac,you can customize your mac with following applications..                                                      Apps For Customizing Your Mac 1)Folders Factory   Even with expert Photoshop […]